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Landscaping Inspiration From Chester’s Medieval Past

The realm of inspiration for landscaping and garden design is vast and wide, so much so in fact that there’s almost too much choice… and, as we all know, an abundance of choice can be so paralysing that no decisions are actually ever made.

If this sounds like a familiar story to you and you’re struggling to focus your thoughts on one particular style or aesthetic, what about looking to your local town for a few ideas for your outside spaces?

For those of you in the wider Chester area, the good news is that there’s a huge amount of inspiration to be wrought from the historical city’s streets and architecture, particularly where choice of materials are concerned.

The city walls themselves can, in part, be dated back to ancient Rome, featuring the remains of some of the towers and brickwork from the Roman fortress of Deva, which was established in AD43 and formed a pivotal part of Rome’s grand plans to invade Ireland. 

The fortress was constructed from local sandstone, which could be an excellent material to use in your own contemporary landscaping plans, as it’s a very versatile product that boasts serious character and is extremely hardwearing – so perfect for use outside.

You could even consider replicating the layout of the fortress, which was shaped like a playing card and was rectangular with rounded corners, with four entrances at each side. Even if you don’t have 60 acres to play with (the original size of the fortress!), you could still use this shape to inform your garden designs and give a nod to the rich history of your city. 

Bringing in stone, sandstone and softer red sandstone throughout your garden would be a lovely way to pay homage to Chester, while creating a beautiful space for all the family to enjoy. 

For even more inspiration (and a great day out), check out the Roman Gardens themselves, which can be found just outside the city walls near the Newgate and Chester Amphitheatre. Who knows what ideas you might glean for your own gardens?


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