Our Top Tips For Greenhouse Gardening

As your interest in gardening grows and you want to start planting out more and more different varieties and try your hand at sowing a range of different seeds, you’ll likely find that a greenhouse becomes something of a necessary addition to your home, rather than a luxury extra.

Greenhouses are a great option for anyone with a serious passion for gardening and it’s the perfect place for you to sow your seeds, grow tender crops like cucumbers and tomatoes and overwinter any tender plants you’ve got on the go.

Another added benefit, of course, is that it will also free up any windowsills you have in the house, giving you a dedicated space where you can grow to your heart’s content.

Bigger is certainly better where greenhouses are concerned, so make sure you get the biggest one you can find for the budget you have in mind. However, you also need to make sure that the one you want will fit in the space you’ve laid out for it, so make sure you measure properly before you spend any money.

Your choice of site is, naturally, of great importance so take the time to really consider where the best place for your new greenhouse is. You’ll need it to be flat, with as much light and sunshine as you can possibly get. A sheltered spot is also useful to protect against high winds.

Once you’ve chosen your site and installed your greenhouse, your next purchase should be a thermometer. This will let you know when to ventilate the space, when to heat it, where to provide shade, which part of it to keep cool… for beginner gardeners, this will prove invaluable over time!

For instant success with your greenhouse garden, go for a tropical plant or two, or choose some veggies that are big fans of warm conditions. You’ll soon get the greenhouse gardening bug when you see how well they do!


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