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Rejoice! Slugs & Snails Are No Longer Pests!

When it comes to common garden pests, slugs and snails are generally the worst for the majority of gardeners, causing all sorts of damage and eating all your prize plants and flowers.

But, despite their terrible reputation as the scourge of the gardening world, the RHS has now said it will no longer be classifying them as pests and it’s time to start considering these gastropods as an important part of the garden ecosystem.

Speaking to the Guardian, principal entomologist with the charity ANdrew Salisbury explained that slugs and snails have an important role to play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

He went on to say: “The RHS is all too aware of the role that gardens have in supporting biodiversity and as such will no longer label any garden wildlife as ‘pests’.

“Instead, there will be greater consideration of and focus on the role that slugs, aphids and caterpillars play in a balanced garden ecosystem along with more popular wildlife (or animals) such as birds, hedgehogs and frogs.”

Slugs, for example, help to clear dead matter from the garden, as well as serving as a food source for other garden visitors, such as birds and hedgehogs.

Instead of ridding the garden of them, the RHS suggests using ethical modes of intervention, such as using mulch or planting species that slugs prefer eating near your favourite flowers so they leave them alone.

Mulching is a great option, as it comes with added benefits such as improving the soil around plants, suppressing weeds and saving water, as well as making your garden look nice and tidy.


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