RHS: Autumn Is The Most Important Gardening Season

As lovely as spending time outside in the garden is during spring and summer, it seems that the most important time for gardening is, in fact, the autumn months.

This is according to the RHS, at any rate, which is keen to encourage as many people plant their bulbs now in order to save water and money, launching a Grow at Home This Autumn campaign to help drive an interest in gardening over the next few weeks.

At this time of year, the soil is moist and warm but not soggy, which means it’s easy to plant and will give your plants more time to grow new roots, making them less vulnerable to periods of drought in summer.

RHS director-general Sue Biggs said: “With the recent growth in gardening, many don’t know that autumn is arguably the most important gardening season, which is something we’re committed to changing by promoting and sharing the benefits of gardening now.

“Water is a critical issue and planting evergreens, trees and many perennials over autumn usually means that we can water a lot less, with cooler climates and higher levels of rain.”

New RHS research shows that 61 per cent of people don’t know that both daffodil and tulip bulbs should be planted in autumn, with 68 per cent believing that spring is the most important season for gardening.

If you’re wondering what to do in the garden in October, check out our recent blog post on the subject. These include keeping outdoor areas clean and tidy, raking up leaves, cleaning your greenhouse and lots more.

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