Show Your Garden Some Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has finally dawned, so no doubt you’ve all got lots of loved-up plans to show your respective partners just how much you care. Now, while this is highly commendable and your relationship is certainly something to be celebrated, why not extend the sentiment to other areas of your life and show your garden a bit of love as well?

There are lots of jobs to be getting on with in the garden over the merry month of February and it’s an exciting time for gardeners, with spring just around the corner. The sowing and growing season is nearly upon us and we’re sure that you’re all very excited indeed to get going with your plans for 2023.

If it’s vegetables you’re keen to grow this year, now’s the perfect time to ready your veg beds by giving them a very thorough weeding and then covering them up with a thick layer of garden compost.

And you can really do your crops a favour by hunting down all those pesky snails that may have overwintered in empty plant pots and dark corners. Keep a good eye out for slugs as well, since you don’t want them to munch your garden either.

Now’s also the perfect time to ready your garden for wildlife. What about setting up a nest box with a camera inside it so you can have lots of fun watching birds raise their young later in the year?

And you can show pollinators lots of love by installing bee boxes… a great way to mark Valentine’s Day, we think! Keeping bees in your garden will help make your flowers flourish and thrive, as well as promoting fruiting and seed production. 

Where you position your bee box is important if you want to make sure these little insects set up home, but you can find more info on this on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.


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