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Enjoy The Garden During The Spring Heatwave

Most of us have neglected their gardens over the last few months, choosing to ignore the lawn and growing weeds and stay cosy and warm inside instead. Well, now is the ideal time to get outside and consider landscaping in the Wirral, as spring weather is well on its way.

In fact, the mercury could even hit the 20Cs within a few weeks, thanks to a ‘Portuguese pulse’ of warm air that is stretching 500 miles.

The mini-heatwave is set to begin over the next few days, with temperatures increasing to around 14C by mid-week, The Sun reported.

A forecaster from the Met Office said the weather would be “fine and dandy” from Sunday onwards, adding: “Dry and settled conditions should dominate through the end of March and into early April, bringing plenty of sunny spells across the UK, particularly in the south and east.”

This is the ideal time for good weather to hit, as Britain has been forced to go into lockdown, meaning people are only allowed to leave the house for essentials, medical purposes, travelling to and from work, and one form of outdoor exercise a day.

Therefore, those who are lucky enough to have gardens will certainly be making the most of them, spending as much time soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air outside, while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

It also makes for the perfect excuse to sort your garden out, from cutting back hedges and mowing the lawn to planting summer bulbs and adding some colour to your outdoor space.

What To Start Planting In March

We’re nearing the end of February now, which means the weather is hopefully going to cheer up a little and we’ll all be able to get out and about in our gardens a little bit more.

All sorts of flowers can be planted in March and now’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you want your garden to look like. Gardening enthusiasts may well already know about the plight of the bumblebee and the fact that wildflowers are in decline… these flowers enable bees and other pollinators to thrive and without them they will continue to struggle.

But you can help them by sowing annual wildflower mixes from next month, making sure that you prep the soil properly and remove any weeds, as well as raking over the ground. There are all sorts of benefits to having wildflowers – as well as helping to sustain lots of wildlife, they’re good composters and can also help with water filtration.

Wildflowers are very hardy and you don’t need to look after them as much as you might do other flowers. Remember that you may not see much going on in the first year after you sow them, but soon you’ll have a stunning flourishing wildflower garden to enjoy.

Or you could also sow some sweet peas somewhere outside and other hardy annuals like cornflowers, clarkia and California poppies, all of which can be sown directly into the soil. Sweet peas would be another very pretty addition to your garden and the good news is that they’re easy to grow so perfect for anyone just starting out where gardening is concerned.

Most sweet peas are very highly scented so if you’re keen to have a fragrant garden, these would be a great choice. And don’t forget that you can have the fun of picking them and putting them in some vases around the house so the inside can smell as lovely as the outside.

As for California poppies, these very cheerful flowers can also be sown at this time of year and it’s easy to grow – you should see it flowering in a matter of weeks after planting, so if you want to see some results quickly, you’re sure to love these little flowers.

Sow them directly into prepared ground and then repeat this between April and May for plants that mature and flower for months… a beautiful garden that will be sure to bring a smile to your face week after week.

Of course, you may not always have the time to look after your garden or you may need help with bigger jobs in the future. If so, get in touch with Wirral landscaping services LW Landscapes to see how we can help.

Small Garden Landscaping Ideas to Utilise Most of A Small Outdoor Space

People often want to make their small gardens impressively. If you have a small garden then it is advantageous for you as it requires minimum maintenance. Whether you are searching for creating an impressive balcony garden, love to make your small yard surrounded with greenery, the landscaping in Wirral is a great alternative. If you are working in the tight budget, then you have ample budget garden ideas to try.  In the next passages, you can find some innovative ideas.

The amazing landscaping ideas: Know here

Some important points will take to a wide range of ideas:

1. Think for vertically planting:

Try to take the inspiration from the elements that you can have of the living wall, use the vertical wall space to utilise the most of it. The simple adding of a horizontal barrier panel turns the side into an embellishing living wall. Any of these small outdoor spaces can transform into the garden of the vertical shape.

2. Zone your outline

Generate the delusion of space by the zoning a garden layout. It is important to embellish an outdoor seat to narrate a dining and seating area. It acts as a fastening point to arrange furniture around it.

3. Make a squeeze in a small dining room

Do not set the limit the space you from the enjoyment of the alfresco dining. Try to invest in a proper dining solution. This short dining set adjusts properly against the wall.

4. Paint the backdrop:

Are you looking for landscaping in Wirral? This is a great idea to make a decoration for the garden. You can draw up the eye up with a painted backdrop that has a clearing idea. A small two-tone black colour help in making your small garden more beautiful and appealing.  The usage of a dark colour helps in making more a statement effect. It helps in complimenting the greenery gracefully.

5. Elevation of the plants to the whole level

Make the use of your small space by taking things to a great level, with vertical shelving. This ingenious ladder hack builds a planting solution to create an extra room so that you can showcase the potted plants. You can also think of the paving process.

6. Make usage of the courtyard space:

If your small garden space is a courtyard, then think of the use of every inch of the space to the utmost usage. Often the area of the courtyard has the full power to feel enclosed, simply the nature of the brick wall. Usage of the corner will not only use the space but also make full use of the space. The design of the high back sofa helps in hiding the large portion of the imposing wall. It will distract from the wall and create the illusion of the great idea.

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