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The Benefits Of Drip Irrigation For Gardeneners

Watering the garden is, of course, absolutely essential but it’s becoming more important to find more sustainable ways to give your plants a drink, as the climate crisis deepens and increasing pressure is put on freshwater resources around the country.

If current trends continue, experts are predicting that global water demand will exceed supply by 40 per cent come the year 2030, but there are lots of ways in which we can reduce our own water footprints… and the garden is a great place to start!

Drip irrigation is just one potential solution to keeping the plants well watered while becoming more water efficient at the same time. These systems work by transporting water in irrigation supply pipes that are connected to a water source. You simply run the pipes through the site and then connect water outlets to the pipes, so you can regulate the amount of water used.

For example, you could opt to water small parts of the garden and individual plants with a dripper, or keep large areas properly watered using a soaker hose, which releases water slowly along the length of a porous pipe. Timers can also be installed so the system turns itself on and off.

This method of watering is great for the planet, but it has all sorts of benefits for gardeners, as well. It’s a real win-win! For example, it can lead to improved plant health, since the water penetrates the soil slowly and more deeply at root level, which is where it’s needed most.

You also keep your foliage healthy and disease-free by watering in this way, since you’re only watering at ground level, helping to prevent diseases like powdery mildew, which really thrive in damp conditions.

And, of course, you’ll save yourself a huge amount of time and effort with drip irrigation, since you won’t have to walk around with the garden hose. The system will take care of it all for you!


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