The Benefits Of Gardening In Raised Beds

Now that spring has most definitely sprung, we can all head outside and enjoy some well-earned sunshine, really getting our gardens ready to grow all sorts of wonderful plants.

If you’re thinking about growing your own fruit and vegetables, you might want to consider doing so in raised beds, as they’re a brilliant way of aiding drainage in your outdoor spaces and you can even grow produce you may not have been able to otherwise, since you can bring in different types of soil, thus maximising your growing options.

Practically anything can be grown in a raised bed garden, whether you want to start planting soft fruits like strawberries and raspberries, veggies of all kinds or even shrubs and small trees.

One serious benefit of raised bed gardening is that you can help protect your plants from all sorts of common pests, such as slugs, snails, caterpillars and more. Hedgehogs won’t be able to feed on anything, either, and you can install row covers, cold frames and bird barriers around your beds to help keep other plant munchers at bay.

And from a weeding perspective, you’ll also find that your gardening is a lot easier if you use raised beds, because you can just cover them up with black plastic or mulch in the spring to kill any weeds that grew over the winter months. All that needs to be done then is rake off any dead leaves before they go to seed and then you can plant again.

And let’s not forget how much hard work gardening can be on the back and your knees. Raised beds are elevated, which means you won’t have to bend down so far – so the perfect option for anyone with mobility issues who still wants to grow their own.

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