The Role Of Neuroarchitecture In Landscaping Design

There is a wealth of design options available to you when it comes to hard and soft landscaping, but one relatively new concept that might prove of particular interest is that of neuroarchitecture, spaces that have been designed based on notions of healing and happiness, and people’s emotions.

Advancements in neuroscience are such now that it is far easier than it used to be to measure and understand how our perceptions can be influenced by different shapes, colours and so on. 

You can even use virtual and augmented reality to judge reactions on different design ideas before they’re implemented, helping you to see what would work for you and what wouldn’t without having to spend money on expensive features that may have an adverse impact on your health and wellbeing.

One of the pioneers behind the movement was doctor Jonas Salk (who, incidentally, also came up with the polio vaccine!). He first made the association between his emotional state and the spaces he was in back in the 50s while visiting the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi in Italy, finding that he came away from the site each time feeling more creative and inspired.

For your outdoor spaces at home, neuroarchitecture comes together very nicely indeed with the idea of sensory gardens, which can be transformed into healing spaces, improving your mental and emotional health, and your quality of life.

Sensory or therapeutic gardens are perfect for helping us to connect more with the natural world, important at a time when we’re increasingly removed from it thanks to urbanisation. 

Our gardens serve as a very real retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and they can be designed in such a way as to fully engage all five of our senses, bringing us relief and a sense of peace and calm.

Consider bringing in different sounds, scents, textures and colours to build your sensory garden from the ground up, ensuring that it ties in well with the rest of the landscape to ensure a sense of harmony.

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