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Top Garden Trends For 2022 Revealed!

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for all the latest trends and ideas if you’re planning a garden makeover now or in the future – and it’s a great way to seek all sorts of inspiration for your own garden designs.

New research from Drapers Tools, reported on by the Independent, has just revealed what’s hot and what’s not in the gardening world for 2022 and it could be just what you’ve been looking for to help you work out what to include in your newly revamped outdoor spaces.

Apparently, the top gardening trends for 2020 have been identified as a focus on biodiversity, with people doing all they can to encourage wildlife with bird feeders, bird baths, bee nest boxes, homes for hedgehogs and more.

Fruit trees, greenhouses and composting areas are also proving popular at the moment, as are water features and living walls… all of which could be great food for thought if you’re putting together garden moodboards at the moment.

As for trends you might like to avoid, plastic ornaments, buddha statues and fake animals appear to have fallen out of favour, as have wind chimes, orange wood stain, recycled old tyres and artificial topiary balls.

Draper Tools’ Kevin Smith had this to say: “It’s great to see the number of people focusing on sustainability by growing their own food, composting, harvesting rainwater and encouraging biodiversity in their gardens – hopefully these are long-term trends that are here to stay.

“Gardens are ultimately a very personal thing, so although gnomes and plastic flamingos may not be top trends, if you love them in your garden – that’s all that matters.”

Another top trend to have emerged in recent months is the outdoor kitchen and this can really make a huge difference to your way of life… as well as adding value to your home, so perfect if you’re thinking of moving on in the near future.


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