Top Tips For Border Planting

One of the most fun parts about landscaping and putting together the garden of your dreams is deciding which plants to invest in and where to put them, a key part of any good garden design project.

Creating beautiful borders is essential, as you need to frame your lawns in some way and you will have a great time deciding what sort of theme to go for. What about picking perennials based on flowering times so your garden can mark the changing of the seasons, for example?

When it comes to planting, you’ll find the best times to do so are September or March, although you can bed your plants in at any time as long as the soil isn’t waterlogged or frozen. Before you put anything in the ground, however, make sure that you’ve cleared your borders of perennial weeds.

If you have narrow borders and aren’t sure which plants to go for, think a little creatively and make use of the vertical space you have, by training shrubs and trees, or looking into climbing plants instead. Espalier trees are a great choice, as they don’t take up much space and will bear fruit, flowers and beautiful foliage.

Also think about the positioning of your borders, as this will largely dictate which perennials will work the best. Good perennials for shady spots include hosta, astilbe and aruncus dioicus, while the likes of delphiniums, geraniums and gaura do well in sunnier areas.

Whatever perennials you decide to go for in the end, make sure that you always follow the advice on the plant labels so you know exactly what to do where planting distance and soil is concerned.

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