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Top Tricks For Outside Spaces Of Any Size

A recent poll by online property portal Rightmove revealed that over 60 per cent of buyers have a preference for a property with good outdoor space. But moving house just for a bigger garden is a huge step, so we look at what can be done whatever the size of your patio, garden, or backyard.

Whether you want a more traditional English garden, or opting for a sleek modern outdoor space, there are easy ways to achieve the look you want. Here are our top tips.

Vertical Gardens

Clever use of vertical planting, such as a living wall, will help save on ground space. These are easy to install and to maintain. They can be as big or small as you like and if you grow herbs, add a lovely fragrant scent to a small space.

Hanging baskets, which are perfect for strawberries and tomatoes, will also add a vertical element. Place them near the house by the back door or, if using multiple baskets, along the side of fences to save ground space on flower beds.

Go big!

When choosing features for your small plot, don’t think small. One very large pot will add much more impact than many smaller ones and will prevent your space from feeling cluttered. One large ornament is far more effective than a collection.

Go blue

Pale colours are recessive, which means they make things appear further away. There are very few true-blue plants, but there are plenty of silver, grey and pale hues, which give an effect of looking out towards the horizon. We recommend pale-blue Ceanothus, Russian sage or English lavender.

Multi-purpose furniture

If space is at a premium, opt for essential furniture that has more than one use. Make sure that outdoor furniture is weatherproof and that it can be used for storage too, such as benches that double up as boxes or a chest to house tools if you don’t have space for a shed.

A little creative thinking with your available space can work wonders. If you need landscaping experts in Chester, get in touch today!