decking being cleaned and sprayed

What Causes Decking To Go Green?

When you first have your decking installed, it looks beautiful, fresh and very welcoming indeed but, over time, it can quickly start to show signs of wear and tear if a regular maintenance schedule isn’t adhered to.

One of the big issues that often rears its head with wooden decking areas is the growth of green algae and mould. Not only does this affect the overall aesthetics of the deck itself, but it also represents a very real health hazard, since it makes the timber slippery, particularly during the autumn and winter months, when the weather is particularly inclement.

And it’s not just your health you’re putting at risk if you let your deck go green… the decking is also sure to suffer and you could find that you face a range of other problems if you don’t sort the issue out quickly, everything from warping wood to cracks and splinters.

The green slimy substance you see forming on the surface of the wood is actually mould, algae or mildew. Because wood is porous by nature, it’s able to hold lots of moisture within its structure, which provides the perfect living conditions for algae and so on. 

If the wood is unable to dry out, you may see a slimy green film start to form – an indication that you’ve got a bit of a problem on your hands.

There are steps you can take to protect your decking from turning green, such as by increasing the amount of sunlight that hits it. If you’ve got lots of containers and planters on the wood, consider moving these elsewhere and perhaps think about cutting back any trees or removing hanging baskets that could be creating shady areas.

And, of course, regular maintenance work is a must. Keep the decking clear of debris like dirt and leaves, use a pressure washer to give it a good clean and consider using a staining treatment once a year at least to keep the wood in excellent condition.

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