What Is A Wraparound Patio?

Naturally, when it comes to home renovations, we put a huge amount of focus on the interiors of our properties, but it’s important not to neglect the outside of the house as well, particularly if you’re keen to add serious value to your home while providing you with all the useable space you and your family need.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can add serious wow factor to the external areas of your home, but one option that might be especially show stopping if you have the space to play around with is a wraparound patio or decking area that extends around the entire perimeter of the house.

These features are incredibly welcoming, inviting and friendly, giving you all the space you need to spend time together outside in private at the back of the house while extending the hand of friendship to all your neighbours at the front.

Wraparound porches and patios can be enjoyed throughout the year if you pick and choose your fittings and fixtures wisely, ensuring that you have adequate protection from the elements while giving you sufficient room to zone the space as you see fit.

You could designate a portion of it for al fresco entertaining, for example, and turn one corner into a shrubbery of some kind, with your favourite potted plants and trees taking centre stage. 

A relaxation area could also be easily achievable, complete with rocking chairs, comfy cushions, loveseats and so on. You’re sure to love spending time outside, watching the world go by!

It’s also certainly worth noting that these kinds of porches and patios work very well with a range of different architectural styles, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to find a look that goes with the rest of your design ideas.

But, of course, if you’d like any help or advice relating to patio, porch and decking design, get in touch with the LW Landscapes team today.