What To Do In The Garden In April

The last few days have blessed us with some beautiful weather and it really does feel like spring has finally sprung. And with a brand-new month just around the corner, there really is no time like the present to start thinking about how you want your garden to come alive this year.

April is a really wonderful month and it’s so exciting watching all your seeds start sprouting with little green shoots. You can start sowing herbs, wildflowers and hardy annuals outdoors now, so take advantage of those sunny days while you can.

Start getting the beds ready for the growing season by digging in some compost or manure. You can also use general-purpose fertiliser if you really want to go all out, such as blood and bone or pelleted chicken manure.

Lawn care should be quite high on the list right now, as well, and you can start sowing your lawn seed on soil, keeping it moist until the seeds are well established. Any bare patches can be fixed up using some lawn repair grass seed.

Give it a big boost with some high-nitrogen fertiliser and if you spot any weeds, zap them quickly with some weed killer so they don’t become problematic. If you’ve left your lawn to its own devices for the last few months, you can also start mowing it a bit more often.

Don’t forget about your house plants and container plants, either! Now the weather is warming up a bit, they’re likely to need more water and a bit more TLC – so keep an eye on them, as well as the ones outside.


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