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What To Do In The Garden In January

If you can brave the terrible weather in January, you’ll find that there are all sorts of jobs you can get up to in the garden over the course of the month, all of which will help your garden flourish and thrive come spring.

Those of you with lots of fruit and veg growing at home, now’s the time to winter prune your trees so you can get rid of any damaged, dead or diseased branches. 

Also take this time to plan your crop rotation for this year to make sure that you grow them in a different bed than in previous years. And go over your veggie plot to clear out any old crops and weeds, digging the soil over and mixing in compost as you work.

For your flowerbeds, clear away any soggy stems of perennials and use them for compost, while moving any dormant plants to more suitable sites for the winter. Do your best to clear away any fallen leaves and other debris to help prevent your smaller plants from being smothered.

And as for garden maintenance, now’s the time to keep your bird baths topped up with fresh water each day, servicing your lawn mower, repairing damaged fences and using preservatives on wooden structures when it’s dry outside.

Also pay close attention to your decking, steps, patios and paths, clearing away any algae, moss or soggy leaves that you find to help prevent slips, trips and falls.

January gardening is predominantly about keeping everything outside neat and tidy, getting ready for the year ahead, but you can grow and sow this month, as well. Try sowing sweet peas, snapdragons, potatoes, celery, celeriac and rhubarb indoors to help you get a headstart come spring.

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