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What To Do In The Garden In June

June is a truly wonderful month for gardening enthusiasts, with so much greenery popping up. We also have the longest day of the year this month on the 21st, with all the extra light and warmth really helping to give our plants, shrubs and trees a beautiful big boost.

Of course, this rings true for the weeds as well, unfortunately, so one of the top gardening jobs for June absolutely has to be keeping your weed populations well under control. It might seem like a never-ending task, but keep on top of it and your plants will really thank you for all that extra effort.

Another top job for anyone growing tomatoes is to keep an eye out for side-shoots sprouting just above each leaf. Pinch these out when you spot them and this will help keep your plants growing vertically on a single stem. Otherwise, you’ll find your plants end up being quite tricky to support, with fewer fruits.

You’ll also want to start mowing your lawn more regularly this month, perhaps once a week or so, in order to keep it in fine fettle. Don’t forget to leave some parts of it uncut, however, as this can really help support biodiversity and local wildlife.

Make sure you’re pruning back your spring-flowering shrubs and staking any tall or floppy plants you have, so they can continue to flourish over the coming weeks. And don’t forget to provide some shade for the plants in your greenhouse, or you could find they start to suffer as the temperatures begin to climb.

Watering your garden becomes more important now than ever, as well – although it would perhaps be wise to harvest rainwater wherever you can to use on the plants. They prefer it to water from the tap and it helps to protect precious resources at the same time.


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