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What To Do In The Garden In March

Spring is finally just around the corner, usually arriving in the middle of March – so now’s the perfect time to start getting your gardens fully prepped and ready for the growing season, everything from cutting back your winter shrubs to preparing your seed beds and sowing your seeds.

Keen vegetable growers can start planting shallots, onions and early potatoes, all of which are very common ingredients so ideal to have at home where you can just head out and harvest them as and when you want. You can also start sowing parsnips when the soil warms up a bit, as they’re slow germinators and need a long growing season.

Now’s the time to start planting your summer-flowering bulbs, as well, so get your tulips, snowdrops and daffodils in the ground to make sure your flower beds flourish when the warmer weather arrives. 

If you have any plants or climbers that need support, put the supports in now so they can grow up them. You’ll find it hard to do this retrospectively later in the year!

Keep an eye on the lawn and get the mower out once you see it start back into growth, using an edging tool to recut the edges. Only mow when the lawn is dry, however.

And go around the garden with some slow-release fertiliser to help your trees, shrubs and hedges grow beautifully. If you have any roses, you can also keep these in excellent health with some special rose feed or balanced fertiliser – and don’t forget to prune them now so you see strong new growth.


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