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What To Do In The Garden In May

The merry month of May really is a wonderful time of year, with the weather warming up, the days getting longer and our gardens really and truly coming to life. This is a great opportunity to get out and about in the fresh air and there’s a lot to be getting on with over the next few weeks, so get your trugs and trowels at the ready.

If you’ve been planning a vegetable garden, there are all sorts of seeds you can sow right now, such as beetroot and chard, carrot, chive, coriander and dill, spinach, spring onion, peas, parsnip… before you know it, your vegetable plot will be flourishing and keeping you well fed year after year.

For your flower beds, now’s the time to prune back your spring-flowering shrubs, feed and water any container plants you have and give your permanent potted plants a top dress to refresh the compost.

Also keep an eye out for any pests or diseases that may be starting to manifest themselves – prevention is far better than cure, after all, and you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to be proactive where this is concerned.

What is important at this time of year is to keep an eye on the weather, as late frosts can still appear and this can be very damaging to your plants, which you’ll want to protect as and when necessary if there’s a cold snap.

Invest in a water butt if you haven’t already, so you can start harvesting rainwater to give your plants a nice drink if we’re faced with drought conditions later in the year. And you can start thinking about mowing your lawns once a week to keep them looking nice and fresh.


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