What To Do In The Garden In November

The wintry weather is well on the way now that we’ve waved goodbye to October, which means we’ll have even fewer chances to get out and enjoy the garden over the next few weeks.

But it’s important not to neglect your outdoor spaces at this time of year and a little bit of effort and elbow grease over the winter months can make all the difference come the spring.

If the weather’s particularly horrible and you just can’t face doing anything outside, what about getting the jump on your planting for next year? Get yourself some seed catalogues and see what you fancy growing. Stock the cupboards now so you’re ready and waiting for the growing season.

Taking care of your greenhouse is also a great November gardening job to knuckle down to. Now’s the perfect time to insulate the walls and roof so the residents stay nice and warm when the temperature starts to plunge. 

Keep checking your plants regularly so you can keep on top of pest populations and give the greenhouse itself a good wash down with some disinfectant to keep diseases at bay. Also don’t forget to bring your potted herbs indoors so they can continue giving you lots of tasty crops as we move into winter.

Any repairs you may need to do should also be completed before the weather really starts to turn, so keep a close eye on your fences and trellises, carrying out maintenance work as and when required. Cutting back low-hanging or broken branches on trees can also make your garden safer in high winds.


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