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What To Do In The Garden In October

October is one of the most beautiful months of the year, this cannot be denied! There’s nothing we like more than watching the leaves turn stunning shades of reds and yellows – and, of course, the excitement of the first frost on the horizon, as well.

Being out and about in the fresh air, tending to the garden, is wonderful at this time of year and there are all sorts of jobs you can do outside to help keep your outdoor spaces in fine fettle until spring.

This is the perfect time to give your greenhouse a bit of a clean, as it’s likely to be rather empty right now. This will help let in more light and stop any diseases from harbouring over the winter months. Once done, you can then bring your half-hardy plants inside to help them make it through the cold weather.

Give your lawn some love in October, as well, so it doesn’t struggle over the next few months. Clear up fallen leaves and debris as you gather so that light can reach the grass and give it a good final mowing before leaving it for winter. You can also aerate it using a garden fork, which will help prevent compaction and waterlogging.

Hot tip! You can use the fallen leaves you rake up to make leafmould, which is an incredible soil conditioner! All you need to do is put your leaves into a bin bag and moisten them if they’re on the dry side, then pierce some holes in the bag, loosely tie the top and then store them for up to two years.

After two years is up, you can then use it as seed-sowing compost or mix it with some soil for potting compost. Leafmould less than two years old can be used to winter-cover bare soil, top dress your lawns in autumn or improve your soil.


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