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What To Plant This September

While spring and summer are undeniably the best seasons for getting out and about in the garden, autumn is a wonderful time of year to be outside in nature… and the even better news is that it’s certainly still possible to grow produce right now, so you’re still able to exercise those green fingers and keep your garden going.

There’s a lot you can grow in the month of September and it can actually really help your garden to do some planting now, as you can enjoy an earlier crop when spring returns.

Spinach is a great choice for sowing right now and you can do this either in pots or by putting them directly in the ground in shallow drills. From October, protect your little seedlings with some fleece or a cloche of some kind.

If you’d like to see some quick wins, however, the likes of radishes and turnips would make good seeds to sow right now. Radishes do really well at this time of year and mature in a matter of weeks, so you’ll have lots of peppery little veggies to throw in salads and other dishes over the next month or so.

And turnips grow very quickly as well, with baby vegetables popping up in about six weeks or so. If you’re planning your Christmas tables already, you’ll have plenty of interesting vegetable options if you start sowing now.

Away from the vegetable patch, flowers that can be sown at this time of year include English marigolds, pretty little cornflowers, poppies, geraniums and love-in-a-mist, all of which will pop up to say hi in early spring and summer for some stunning displays. You’ll be grateful that you took the time to do some sowing in September!


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