Why Does Deck Stain Peel?

There’s nothing more attractive than a newly stained decking area and it’s one of those maintenance jobs that you’re sure to enjoy doing year after year, giving your deck a new lease of life and ensuring that you’re able to continue to enjoy it over the years.

However, what you may notice at some point is that your deck stain is starting to peel, a relatively common problem that is unsightly and can even make your decking dangerous and slippery if you’re not careful and don’t deal with the issue when it first starts to appear.

There are various reasons why you may experience peeling problems, everything from poor preparation of the surface before application to bad weather, using the wrong kind of stain and not carrying out regular maintenance work on the wood.

You can also make the problem worse if you just apply more stain over the peeling parts. Your decking isn’t going to be able to absorb all the layers of stain so the excess product will just sit on the surface of the wood and prevent any moisture from evaporating, which then in turn will lead to more peeling and can even contribute to rot.

Prevention is, of course, better than cure and you can keep peeling at bay by sanding the deck down before applying your product and giving it a good clean to get rid of any old coatings and other debris.

Also make sure that you apply your stain properly from the outset, going over the decking evenly to ensure that the stain soaks into the wood and affords it the proper level of protection. 

If you’re still unsure as to how to best go about preventing peeling, just get in touch with the LW Landscapes team, however, and we’ll be able to give you even more help and advice for all your decking needs.