Why Gravel Is Great For Landscaping!

When it comes to hard landscaping, you’ll find that there is a vast array of different materials and products you can use to help bring your outside areas to life… but one of the most versatile of these absolutely has to be gravel, traditionally used in the likes of paths and driveways but which actually has a range of applications that might well prove surprising.

One of its key features is how sustainable and eco-friendly it is, which is sure to be of interest if you’re keen to reduce your impact on the planet at home. 

It’s an incredibly durable material, so you’ll find it’s an excellent investment over time and it requires very little in terms of maintenance… you can just leave it to its own devices, giving it a tidy up every now and again.

And it also boasts excellent drainage properties, allowing water to flow through it into the ground below, helping to reduce flooding risks and surface water runoff, while helping to recharge aquifers and protect water resources – something that’s becoming particularly important in the face of climate change and more extreme weather events like drought.

What’s more, you can achieve all this without compromising on the aesthetics of your garden, since there are lots of different types of gravel available in a range of colours, so you can easily tailor the look to suit the rest of your design ideas.

Quartz pea gravel, for example, is one of the most popular options and can help you achieve a lovely natural look at home, with lots of beautiful brown and stone colours that add a beautiful contemporary touch with ease.

Or what about black basalt? This is a really fun choice and a great way to add a decorative touch of intrigue to your garden, as the stone turns a beautiful black when wet and goes back to grey when dry.


Of course, these are just two of the options available to you and it’s certainly worth doing some further reading and research before making up your mind. If you need any help or advice, get in touch with the LW Landscapes team today.