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Why Is Pruning Important?

Garden maintenance is an absolute must if you’re to ensure that your plants, shrubs and trees flourish and thrive – and pruning has a vital role to play in this regard.

Pruning helps your outside spaces look their best throughout the year, as well as making sure that any plants you have can grow properly, but you need to make sure that you’re using the right techniques and pruning at the right time of year in order to ensure healthy, happy plants.

A good old prune will help improve the health, size, shape and appearance of all the plants you have, improving plant quality by getting rid of any dead matter that may have collected, as well as any broken branches and pest-infested leaves.

When to prune will depend on what plants you have. If you have ornamental grasses, perennials and evergreens like roses and hydrangeas, springtime is a great opportunity to get the pruning shears out.

Evergreens should also be pruned during the summer months, when your flowering shrubs are in full bloom. This will help you with shaping and size control – and take the opportunity to deadhead any fading flowers, as well.

In autumn, prune your flowers and perennials, as well as tidying up any dead or dying flowers. And when winter arrives, make sure you cut away dead or damaged branches and crossing limbs to help prevent disease.

Good gardening equipment to invest in to get the job done includes secateurs, long-handled loppers and pruning saws, so you can tackle different-sized plants and trees with ease.


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