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Why Is Sandstone Used In Landscaping?

If you’re in the throes of landscaping and garden design at the moment, you’ll know that there are countless different material types to choose from for patios and paved areas… which can make it very tricky indeed to work out which is the right one for you and your home.

England has an incredibly rich architectural heritage and there are so many different stones out there that can be used in buildings and other such structures, serving as a beautiful reflection of local geology and really helping to bring communities to life in a truly unique way.

In Cheshire, the geology of the region is predominantly characterised by lots of red permo-Triassic sediment, which can be found running through Chester to Congleton and from Warrington to Nantwich. 

You’ll also find lots of red sandstone, more pebbly formations and both coal measures sandstones and millstone grit, all of which could make wonderful additions to your outdoor spaces.

Sandstone actually represents an excellent investment if you’re looking for natural stone paving materials at the moment. 

Because of our inclement weather conditions in the UK, it’s important that stone paving is able to withstand whatever comes its way and sandstone is a particularly durable option, absorbing minimal amounts of water – which makes it perfect for outdoor projects. 

Opting for a darker sandstone can also make a difference, as lighter-coloured stones can be more absorbent so may mean you need to focus on maintenance a bit more.

Another key benefit of sandstone for landscaping is that there are so many different variations, which means you’ll be able to tailor your designs to suit the rest of your home. 

And, of course, texture is another key consideration when it comes to landscaping design and sandstone can deliver on this front as well, offering a more rippled texture than other material options out there, although you can adapt your stone choices to suit your overall design ideas, which gives you lots of added flexibility.

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