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12 Drought-Resistant Vegetable Crops To Grow

Growing your own food is a particularly worthwhile and rewarding endeavour but, as time goes on, it will become increasingly important for us to prioritise sustainability as we garden… so now could be the perfect opportunity to research different types of drought-resistant vegetable crops to feed the family with.

Some of the best plants to consider are the likes of beetroot, carrots and parsnips, as well as any other root crops you might like to try. Some of the most vulnerable crops, however, include leafy vegetables, salads and peas, sweetcorn and runner beans (as well as any other plants that set pods or fruit).

Other top options include sweet potato, asparagus (once established), artichoke, squash, okra, aubergine and legumes such as chickpeas, lima beans and black-eyed peas.

If you’re determined to grow salad options, such as endive, chicory and lettuce, you’d perhaps be wise to section off a small area of the garden and grow baby leaf crops instead of heading crops, as this will help you use water more efficiently.

No matter what you choose to plant, however, it’s important to remember that without the proper planning even the hardiest of crops will succumb to drought conditions. It can be helpful to plant earlier in the spring to get ahead of the growing season, or perhaps a little later in the autumn so you can take advantage of the rain.

Keeping on top of the weeding can also help your plants grow and flourish, since weeds are particularly thirsty little blighters. If the weeds are using up the water resources, there will be less for your crops, so you’ll have to water more – so make sure you’re digging up the weeds on a regular basis.


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