3 Top Tips For Lazy Gardening

Gardening can be a huge amount of fun and it’s certainly a very rewarding pastime, something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of how much outdoor space they have to play around with.

Something that’s definitely worth considering when you first get into gardening, however, is just how much time you have to devote to your new hobby. It can be very time-consuming, particularly in the middle of the growing season – and it’s important that you are able to set proper time aside regularly to ensure your plants thrive and grow.

That being said, there are various little tips and tricks you can employ if you do want to start gardening but want to adopt a more laissez-faire attitude to the practice. 

Our first top tip to help you become a lazy gardener is to start off small, making sure that you’re only taking on what you’re able to manage successfully. Ensuring that your garden fits in with the rest of your lifestyle is the best way to go about enjoying it no matter what. When it’s easy to look after, it won’t become a chore – and this is absolutely key.

Also take the time to plan out what you want to grow. Choosing very complicated or needy plants, flowers and veggies may see you fall out of love with gardening quite quickly, so pick options that don’t require much effort at first.

You may find that as your interest in gardening grows you start making more time for it in your life, allowing you then to consider trickier varieties… but at first, keeping it simple is a wise strategy to employ.

As for the more tiresome jobs of weeding and watering, you can help yourself out a lot here by spreading mulch over your garden. This will help prevent weeds from taking root, as well as preventing evaporation and keeping plants well watered.


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