A Quick Guide To Bottom Watering Potted Plants

One of the best ways to bring hard landscaped areas in the garden or any patios you may have outside to life is to decorate the spaces with a beautiful array of potted plants.

A container garden can be very rewarding and you can grow a vast range of different plants, everything from shrubs and flowers to herbs and vegetables. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, one of the very best ways to ensure that your garden flourishes and thrives is to bottom water them, instead of watering from the top of the soil.

It’s as simple as it sounds! All you need to do is put your plants in pots with drainage holes and then fill a sufficiently large watertight container with enough water so that when your plants are in the water the drainage holes are completely submerged.

And then you just leave your plants sitting pretty in the water without having to do much else. The plants will absorb the water that it needs and stop when it’s been saturated enough. 

Of course, keep an eye on the water levels in the container basin and top up until the plant is no longer taking it up. Check it every ten minutes and, once the plant is no longer drinking, empty the water from the container. Repeat this process each time you water them.

Watering in this way allows you to guarantee that the roots of the plants are getting the perfect amount of water, as well as stopping you from overwatering and helping each plant work within its own moisture preferences.

Do you top or bottom water your plants? Get in touch to let us know which method you prefer! And if you need any help developing beautiful patios for your Chester home, get in touch with the LW Landscapes team today.