What To Do In The Garden In February

If you take a little look around as you go about your day over the next few weeks, you’re sure to start seeing signs of spring here, there and everywhere… every avid gardener’s dream!

This is such a wonderful and exciting time of year, as you start to see signs of life returning to your garden as temperatures start to increase and the days begin to get longer.

Now’s the time to do some prep work for the upcoming season, both indoors and outdoors, so your garden can flourish and thrive this year. 

Of course, it can still be chilly at this time of year and if you have any fruit trees outside, protecting the flowers and buds that may now be appearing is a must to ensure you get a good crop of fruit. Fleece and cloches can be used to great effect in this regard.

If you want to grow your own veggies this year, then now’s the time to get sowing! You can start sowing salad crops like lettuces under cover in February. Now’s also a good time to prepare your vegetable seed beds for sowing outside later in the year.

Elsewhere in the garden, February is a good month to do any pruning of hedges that may have become untidy and overgrown. You can also prune any winter-flowering shrubs that have finally finished flowering.

Keep an eye out for perennial weeds, as well, and get to work removing these before the weather warms up and they really take hold in your garden.

As you can see, there’s a lot that will keep your gardening hands busy at this time of year. Which tasks will you be focusing on first?


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