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Are You Seeing A Colour Explosion In Your Garden Right Now?

After the last few weeks or so of freezing conditions and lots of heavy rain around much of the country, it’s perhaps unsurprising if your garden has turned into something more resembling a muddy bog than anything else.

However, if you head outside now to take a little look around, you may well see signs of life returning to your flower beds, with the RHS saying that a rush of winter colour is now making its presence felt, with plants now flowering in sync after being quelled by the cold spell in December.

The temperature is also expected to plunge this week as well (January 16th) and the charity expects that this turn of events will help to prolong your garden’s winter displays for even longer, lasting well into February… which is excellent news indeed!

Tim Upson, director of horticulture at the RHS, said: “This year has already got off to a colourful start in gardens with plants exploding into flower all at once and riding out what has been a ‘see-saw’ year in terms of weather.

“Although spring has not yet sprung there is already much to see, with the flash of dogwood stems and heady scent of winter-flowering honeysuckle helping to chase the winter blues away and these dramatic displays are set to continue into February.”

Thinking ahead to next year, if you want to ensure that you do enjoy this colour splash during the winter months, you could consider planting the likes of pansies (great for beginner gardeners), coronilla, hellebores and camellias. 

The latter are particularly low maintenance, so a great option if you want a lovely winter garden without having to toil in the soil for too long when it’s freezing outside.


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