How To Get Rid Of Slugs Naturally

You’ll never find a garden that doesn’t have a little family of slugs calling the plantlife home… and you’re sure to see evidence of them sooner rather than later.

Have you started noticing holes in the leaves, stems and flowers of your plants? That’ll be the slugs! They can cause all sorts of damage throughout the year, although you’ll most likely see them wreaking havoc in the springtime, focusing on your seedlings and growth on plants.

Of course, you can use chemicals to help you get rid of the problem but if you’d rather adopt a more natural approach to pest control, you’ll be pleased to hear that you have various options available to you, helping you to do just that.

There are lots of home remedies you can try to help keep these slimy little customers away from your prize plants. It’s long been thought that copper can deter the slugs, thought to be because the mucus that slugs secrete reacts with the metal and gives them a little electric shock that moves them on elsewhere.

Another little trick you might like to try is the use of crushed eggshells. Slugs aren’t fans of moving over anything sharp, so positioning broken eggshells strategically around your flowers, fruits, veggies and other plants can help prevent too much damage from happening. And, even better, calcium in the eggshells will help give your soil a bit of a boost too!

And thirdly, what about saving your coffee grounds from your morning cup of Java Joe to sprinkle around your plants, directly on top of the soil? This can help ensure the slugs find somewhere else to have their breakfast, allowing your plants to thrive without being nibbled into oblivion.


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