How To Get Started With Container Gardening

Anyone can do a spot of gardening, no matter how much space they have at home – and you certainly don’t need to have a huge outdoor space in order to indulge in this particular pastime.

Container gardening is absolutely ideal for anyone who wants to start growing but who doesn’t have a lot of land to play around with – and you’ll find that your container plots are just as attractive as any flowerbed out there. You’ll soon have your patios overflowing with pots!

All sorts of plants can be grown in containers and you might well be surprised at just how much choice you have, everything from bulbs, bedding and herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, fruit and veg… you’ll soon be the envy of the entire neighbourhood!

Your choice of container is paramount, however, so make sure you take the time to find the most suitable pots for your plants. It’s important that they’re big enough to ensure that your plants have all the room they need to grow and that there are proper drainage holes included.

These are important because this allows the water in the soil to drain, so that there’s enough air for the roots of your plants… you’ll soon know about it if they’re standing in stagnant water!

Making sure that you’re watering your plants correctly is also essential for container garden success, because your plants won’t have as much access to moisture as plants grown in the ground.

When you do water in the summer months (in the morning or evening, to reduce evaporation), make sure you soak right through to the roots to keep your plants happy and healthy.

We’d love to see how well your container gardens are doing right now so get in touch to let us know. And, of course, if you need any help with the installation of patios for your Wirral home, make sure you give us a call.

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