What Are Your Favourite Gardening Tasks?

When it comes to gardening, there are always going to be some jobs you enjoy and others you don’t entirely look forward to, with some tasks far more satisfying to you than others.

It’s always interesting to see what other people like and don’t like about tending to their gardens – and new research from Miracle Gro has just revealed the nation’s most and least popular gardening jobs.

As reported by the Independent, the most satisfying gardening tasks were found to be mowing the lawn, watering plants and sowing seeds, as well as deadheading roses and growing and picking homegrown produce.

More than 1,500 people were surveyed, with the results also showing that raking up fallen leaves was also a top job, as was scarifying the lawn, which involves removing old grass and debris.

However, weeding and mowing the lawn came under a little bit of friendly fire, with people saying that while they find these tasks rewarding, they’re also frustrating because they need to be done every few days.

Miracle Gro’s Kate Turner was quoted by the news source as saying: “Brits’ love of strangely satisfying gardening jobs shows how good they can be for our mental health. Even during autumn and winter, there are lots of little jobs that you can take care of to keep your garden in the best shape.”

If you’re keen to make sure your garden makes it through to spring in fine fettle, make sure you cover your soil with green manure to reduce the risk of nutrient depletion. You can also use mulch to great effect in this regard, preventing erosion and compaction, which can happen after heavy rainfall.


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