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3 Hand Care Tips For Avid Gardeners

As much fun and as rewarding as gardening is, it can take its toll on your hands and gardeners often find themselves having to deal with all sorts of skin issues, everything from dry skin and cracks to rough skin, dirt beneath their nails and nails that become brittle and split easily over time.

All that dirt you’re messing around with withdraws moisture from your skin and fertilisers can also wreak all sorts of havoc, as can all the handwashing you’re doing to get the dirt from your fingers – which is why gloves are always a good option if you’re worried about your hands. 

But here are some more top tips to help you garden successfully without causing yourself too much damage at the same time.


Use nail hardener

This is just like nail varnish and you apply it in the same way, but it’s clear so it will go unnoticed while protecting your nails. Using this regularly can go a long way to making sure your nails don’t become brittle and start to split.


Get a nail brush

If you’re frustrated with how dirty your hands and fingernails are, a nail brush is an excellent investment. Use a little bit of liquid soap and work gently to clean the dirt away, doing this every time to make sure your nails always look pristine. Alternatively, doing the washing-up should get them spick and span, as well!


Moisturise all the time!

Keep your skin beautifully soft and well cared for by moisturising each time you finish in the garden and have given your hands a good scrub. You could also get yourself some moisturising gloves and apply a layer of cream to your hands before bedtime, waking up with soft skin and nails.


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