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What To Do In The Garden In August

A new month brings with it a new list of jobs to do in the garden and August is finally here, so we’re very much in the grips of summer – which means there’s no time to rest on your laurels when it comes to your outdoor spaces.

Because of the heat, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your bird baths, making sure they’re topped up regularly to keep the birds happy, and make sure that you’re watering your fruit and veg plants each and every day to keep them flourishing too.

Once the blooms are gone on your flowering plants, get the secateurs out and give them all a good deadheading (which stops them from self-seeding and encourages flowers into the autumn), and pick out any weeds you find along the way, as these will use up lots of the nutrients your plants themselves need.

In your veggie garden, start to harvest your spring-sown beetroots and carrots (or leave them in the ground so they carry on growing), cut back your herbs so you can harvest lots of leaves before the first frost arrives and remove any lower leaves from your tomato plants to prevent disease.

As for your lawn, don’t panic if it looks a little brown. As soon as the rains arrive, it will be lush and green again. Now’s also the time to apply a high nitrogen fertiliser to encourage new growth.

And don’t forget about the greenhouse! Check your plants every day and water them if the soil is dry, open the vents and doors on warm days and tidy up any fallen leaves and flowers to help prevent diseases from setting in.


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