What To Do In The Garden In July

July is one of the best months for gardeners, as the weather is so delightful – it’s a very real pleasure to be out and about outside, getting lots of fresh air and vitamin D. And the days are long, so you can stay outside for as long as you like, really making the most of the summertime and enjoying all the hard work you’ve done in the garden.

As for gardening jobs in July, regular deadheading over the next few weeks will really encourage new blooms for as long as possible, so a great task to add to the list if you want your garden to look beautiful as autumn approaches.

Now is also a great time to tackle any weed issues you might have, as they have lots of leaf surface area, so they’re better able to absorb your weed killers. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your greenhouse, checking your plants over each day and watering first thing in the morning, as well as damping it down on hot days so you can increase humidity.

Also turn your attention to your lawn in July. Now’s the time to give it some lawn fertiliser so it grows healthy and green. Make sure it’s water during hot weather, although you can allow it to dry out if you’re worried about water conservation. However, if you have a new lawn in place, make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Other jobs for July include aerating the contents of your compost bin, keeping an eye out for powdery mildew on plants and cutting back any affected parts, and using something like copper tape for slug pest control.


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