What To Plant In May

With crisis gardening amid the pandemic now in full swing and the weather getting better day by day, now’s the perfect time for you to start thinking about your own green fingers and whether your outdoor spaces could do with a bit of a facelift here and there.

The start of a new month is just a few days away, so start doing your research into what you can plant and sow in May to have a beautiful flourishing garden full of lovely plants and vegetables.

It’s your last chance to start growing spinach if that’s what you’re keen to do – and it’s a very healthy veggie to have in your vegetable patch. Spinach does better in cooler temperatures and will go to seed when the weather warms up, so now’s the time to get your spinach seeds in the ground. Make sure you cover them lightly with some soil and make sure you keep them moist.

Other veggies that would do well to be planted right now include runner beans, French beans and squashes, and you can do this directly outside. Start your herb garden off now and sow your favourites at three week intervals between now and the end of August so you have a plentiful supply.

As for flowers, if you want to have a lovely spring garden next year, plant the likes of daisies, pansies and wallflowers between now and July so they flower come spring 2021. Check out the RHS website for even more help and advice to get you gardening in May.

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