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5 Ideas For Landscaping With Rocks

When it comes to hard landscaping design, the use of rocks is by no means a new concept. In fact, rocks and stones being included as both decorative and symbolic garden features can be traced back an impressive 1,500 years, first seen in the gardens of China and Japan.

In the UK, rock gardens really came to the fore in the 1830s or thereabouts, driven by interest in exotic plants that were being imported from foreign climes. 

Alpine plants in particular helped to fuel the use of stones and rocks in garden spaces, with artificial stone and concrete some of the most popular materials at the time, as well as Pulhamite, an anthropic rock material invented by one James Pulham.

These days, rock is still a hugely popular material for garden designs of all shapes and sizes, a really effective way of adding character and interest to your home while allowing all sorts of interesting plants to thrive and grow.

It’s also a great option to consider if you’re keen to develop an eco-friendly garden, since many beautiful rock garden plants are able to cope well in drought conditions, so you’ll use far less water keeping your garden alive than you might do otherwise.

In terms of design ideas, there are all sorts of ways you can bring rocks into your garden with excellent effect. If you have a slope to the space, for example, you could consider installing some beautiful stone steps to help you navigate your way around and create a harmonious aesthetic throughout.

And if you’ve got an expansive lawn, you could break it up quickly and easily by installing rock gardens strategically in various places. This can also help you zone your space, whether you want a herb garden, a place for entertaining or a beautiful water feature somewhere.

You could even think about how to use stone and rock as sculptural elements, bringing in one or two larger rocks to draw the eye and really complement the garden.

Of course, these are just a couple of ideas – so if you need any further help or advice, get in touch with the LW Landscapes team today.