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Gardening Tips During Lockdown

The social restrictions that have had to be introduced during the coronavirus pandemic have left many people feeling trapped at home, self-isolating with the family, homeschooling the kids, and trying to keep yourself entertained.

But the sunny warm weather means it could be the perfect time for you and the whole family to get out and enjoy the garden.

If you’re looking to put your green thumb into action, try edging, weeding and seeding your garden, because now is the time to get those seeds started for your herbs, flowers, and vegetables. It’s also a great time to tackle all the pesky weeds too, with the damp mild winter meaning the dandelions are out in full force.

Even if you don’t have a carefully crafted plan, use your time in the garden to just get out of the house for a bit and breathe in the fresh air, if only to help lift your spirits. Your garden can be a boost to your mental health at this time of year, as everything comes to life again.

Something that can be a little extra work, but can wonderfully introduce highlights and points of interest around your garden is to use annuals, tender perennials, and more subtropical-based plants. Pop them in places either where there’s a little bit of a problem spot, or just in areas where you want to add a little interest at different times of the year.

Whether it’s a box of potatoes in the back garden or a balcony full of herbs, edible plants and flowers are becoming far more popular. At the garden centre, you’ll find herb nurseries with a huge variety of plants.

People are engaging a lot more with what they can grow in the garden or the kitchen, and what they can dress a salad with. Growing salads is so easy – as long as you give them a little bit of TLC, they’ll keep coming back.

It’s a good idea to garden more with habitat in mind, take a step back and leave some slightly untidy areas, and allow some of the garden to have a life of its own, and enjoy nature’s gifts.

People tend to go to the gym more in spring, with a new sense of vitality for a New Year’s resolution, or to get fit for the summer. It would be nice to see people using their gardens for mental and physical wellbeing and being more mindful about it.

Gardening and growing and caring for plants are considered to be educational and therapeutic for adults and children, and it is the perfect time to get started. There are such fantastic mental health benefits to gardening that we’re well aware of – tell your friends how good the garden is for you!

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