How To Get Children Into Gardening

Spending time outside in nature is hugely beneficial from a mental and emotional health perspective – and fostering an interest in gardening from an early age can really help children blossom into fulfilled and happy adults.

There are all sorts of ways you can encourage young people to get out and about in the garden and the key is to ensure that they have positive experiences early on, so they keep coming back for more.

Pick some flowers that are easy to grow from seed, such as poppies, sunflowers and marigolds, and show them how to sow them so they can watch as they pop up in the soil and go on to flourish into something beautiful.

The sense of satisfaction and enjoyment children will get from watching something they’ve planted themselves transform over a matter of weeks is sure to inspire them to try bigger and more adventurous ideas.

Another great way to encourage an interest in gardening is to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Being able to harvest their own food and see how it goes from soil to plate will keep children excited about what goes on in the garden – and it’s a great opportunity to teach them about nutrition, as well.

The BBC has an entire website dedicated to gardening with children, which could well be worth an explore if you do want to get the kids outside more often.

As well as lots of planting ideas, there are other suggestions for gardening-related activities, including decorating plant pots, how to start a seed collection, tracking garden snails, making your own compost and lots more. You’re sure to have a great time as a family cultivating an interest in all things green this year.


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